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Colorado Gift Company

Locally & Family Owned, Realtor Operated Business.

Unique Agent Closing Gift

Looking for a memorable closing gift that will impress your clients and set you apart from your competition? Our Tool Bag is an excellent way to show your appreciation and leave a lasting impression.

Affordable Gift

If you’re looking for an affordable gift, our Tool Bag is every bit as thoughtful and appreciated as an expensive one.  You don’t need to spend a lot of money to impress your clients.


Our Tool Bag has the RE/MAX logo embroidered on it.  If your clients are moving into a new home or celebrating a home anniversary,  this is the perfect gift. No more kitchen drawers to shove tools into.

HomeTrov, Gift Company

Realtor & Son Making Closing Gift for Realtors

When Josh and Jeff Kurtz started brainstorming company names, they decided quickly to include the word “home.” From there, they wanted to add something unique and memorable that would pique curiosity. They stumbled on the word “trove”, which is defined as a store of valuable or delightful things”.

They believe their bags hold value and bring delight from their hands to yours and eventually your clients. “Trov” is their version of the word, defined by them and their mission, to offer a memorable and unique closing gift to your clients.

Our Team

As a father and son, Colorado based company, we are dedicated to providing a distinctive and personal experience.

Josh Kurtz

Co-Founder & Owner

Josh graduated from Mead High School in 2022 and is now embarking on an entrepreneurial venture with his dad. Josh believes that owning a business is an exciting and rewarding experience, especially when it’s a family endeavor.

Josh Kurtz portrait - HomeTrov Co-Founder & Owner

Jeff Kurtz

Co-Founder & Owner

Jeff is a REALTOR® with RE/MAX Nexus in Firestone, CO and has been a licensed agent for over six years. He enjoys helping buyers, sellers, and investors achieve their real estate goals and increase their wealth. Jeff is excited to be partnering with his son on this venture.

Jeff Kurtz Real Estate - HomeTrov Co-Founder & Owner

Why Choose HomeTrov?

At HomeTrov, we offer an affordable, high-quality closing gift to wow your clients. They will appreciate, use, and retain your gift for years to come.

With our unique HomeTrov Tool Bag, you will stay “top of mind” with your clients. This is essential for client retention and increased business.


Our Tool Bag includes a business card holder, making it convenient for your clients to refer you to their family and friends. More referrals lead to more business. Enough said.


With HomeTrov, you will receive exceptional service throughout the entire process, from your order to delivery. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.


At HomeTrov, we provide a professional closing gift at an affordable price, giving you excellent value for your money. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to make it memorable.