A common and thoughtful closing gift to Colorado homebuyers is a gift basket filled with local treats and goodies that reflect the area they are moving into. Do you think it is special?

Any of these personalized gifts show appreciation for your clients and offer a warm welcome to their new community. Other typical options might include gift cards to local Colorado restaurants, home improvement stores, or even personalized items like custom-made keychains or address stamps. 

Ultimately, the goal is to make the homebuyers – your clients – feel appreciated and leave a positive impression.


Why should you get closing gifts for your clients?


Providing clients with a closing gift might offer a number of advantages:

  1. It facilitates a stronger connection and bond with your clients. Your thoughtfulness makes a good impression, shows you care, and encourages loyalty. Future referrals and repeat business may result from this.
  1. Closing gifts provide a human touch and make you stand out. It’s a simple way to express your gratitude because they chose you to be their agent. Adding a personal touch can set you apart from the competition and create a memorable, lasting impression. They not only make a lasting impression on your clients, but they help build enduring relationships over time. 
  1. Giving out a closing gift is also considered appropriate professional conduct. It’s a way to exhibit professionalism and establish credibility in the real estate field. Offering closing gifts to clients can, all things considered, help build long-lasting relationships, improve client retention, and grow your business.


How much should you spend as a Realtor on a closing gift?


The amount can vary depending on the value of the transaction and the relationship with your clients. A general guideline is to spend 1% to 2% of the commission you earned on the transaction. For example, if you earn a commission of $10,000, you should budget $100 – 200 on your closing gift. You may want to spend more, which no client will complain about. It’s important to remember that the thought and personalization behind the gift often holds more significance than the monetary value. A personalized gift that aligns with their interests, preferences, or needs will usually make a stronger impact than an expensive but generic gift.


When deciding how much to spend on a closing gift, it’s essential to take your client’s tastes into consideration, as well as the level of your relationship with them. Making a good impression and thanking them for their business should be the main priorities.


How do you choose a closing gift for your clients?


Choosing a closing gift for your clients is a thoughtful way to express your appreciation.

Here are some steps to follow when choosing a closing gift:

  1. Consider Your Clients’ Interests and Preferences

When selecting a closing gift, consider your clients’ interests, lifestyle and preferences. This can be done by reviewing their social media profiles, learning about their hobbies, asking them questions during your interactions, and talking with any mutual friends or family members. A gift that resonates with their personality can make a stronger impact and shows you have taken the time to get to know them. It’s important to choose a gift that speaks to their needs and interests, and leaves a lasting impact. 


  1. Focus on Personalization

A personalized gift, such as home décor made only for them or a gift centered around one of their interests, can strengthen the relationship. It will leave a lasting impression and demonstrate that you value them. A simple way to do this is putting their name, initials, or a monogram on the gift. You might also consider engraving the closing date of the transaction on the gift to create a more personal touch. Practical items like housewares, gift cards, or local activities can also be well-received. 


  1. Stick to Professionalism

It’s important to ensure that your gift is aligned with the professional setting of the real estate transaction. Avoid gifts that may be too personal or inappropriate. If in doubt, it’s best to opt for a neutral gift such as a personalized stationery, branded keychains, or gift cards.


  1. Consider Your Budget

It is essential to consider your budget when selecting a closing gift. You can choose a gift that fits in with your budget while still being thoughtful. As mentioned earlier, spending around 1-2% of the commission earned from the transaction is a good guideline.


  1. Don’t Wait Until the Last Moment

It’s best to choose a closing gift in advance rather than waiting until the last moment. Give yourself enough time to purchase a thoughtful gift and have it personalized if necessary. This will ensure the gift is of good quality and adequately expresses your gratitude. If you wait until the last minute, you may choose something hastily because you ran out of time.


By following these steps, you can select a closing gift that resonates with your clients and expresses your appreciation for their business.


Check Out the HomeTrov Tool Bag!


The tool bag offered by HomeTrov is a practical and thoughtful gift option for your homebuyers after a successful real estate closing. Providing your clients with a durable, canvas bag and set of tools is useful when they move into their new home. They will have boxes to open, pictures to hang, items to measure, etc. They will appreciate it for their various home projects now and in the future.

Our HomeTrov tool bag can serve as a memento of their new home and the positive experience they had with you. It can help create a lasting impression and remind them of the value you provided throughout the process. The bag also has a business card holder and your company’s logo embroidered on it, so you will always be top of mind with your clients. This can lead to referrals and repeat business.

As a Colorado-based business founded by a father and son, HomeTrov’s dedication to offering a unique and customized experience aligns with the goal of providing a personalized closing gift. Our emphasis on quality bags and tools demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction and ultimately your clients’ happiness.

When considering the tool bag from HomeTrov, make sure to evaluate its practicality for your clients. Assess if it aligns with your clients’ needs. It’s always valuable to choose a closing gift that reflects your clients’ preferences and leaves a positive and lasting impression.

For more information, visit our product page.